Welcome to XFACT (Explainable Factual Reasoning Lab)

Research Mission:

  • Develop innovative techniques for extracting, modeling, and explaining the factual knowledge captured by large-scale language models.
  • Investigate the potential biases, errors, and limitations of large-scale language models, and develop strategies for ensuring the accuracy and reliability of their factual reasoning.
  • Apply our research to real-world problems and domains, such as healthcare, law, and finance, in order to improve decision-making and increase the transparency and accountability of complex systems.

Lab News

[Aug 23] A paper got accepted to TACL 2023
[Aug 23] 2nd Place in the 2023 AI Graduate School Challenge
  • Explainable and Customizable Multi-hop Question Answering System (KT CTO Award)
[May 23] A paper got accepted to ACL 2023


We are located in the KAIST AI Graduate School on the Seoul Campus on the 4th floor. Come say hi!

Address: Kim Jaechul AI Graduate School, Building 9, Hoegi-ro 85, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul, South Korea