Explainable Factual Reasoning Lab

Welcome to xfact! The explainable factual reasoning lab. We specialize in building natural language language processing technologies that uses factual knowledge!


Our lab's mission is to build explainable systems for factual reasoning. This entails that:

  1. Models that are fit for purpose, used for specific tasks, and evaluated by users of the task.
  2. Inner workings of the decision making process are exposed to the user.
  3. The biases and limitations of the model are known.
  4. Tacit commonsense knowledge can be differentiated from world events and facts.


We are located in the KAIST AI Graduate School on the Seoul Campus on the 4th floor. Come say hi!

Address: Kim Jaechul AI Graduate School, Building 9, Hoegi-ro 85, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul, South Korea
(서울 동대문구 회기로 85 김재철 AI 대학원 9호관 4층)

Lab Members

James Thorne

Principle Investigator

Euiyul Song

Master's Student

Minsu Kim

Master's Student

Yejin Cho

Master's Student

Woojin Chung

Master's Student (co-advised)

Philhoon Oh

Master's Student