Joining the Explainable Factual Reasoning Lab @ KAIST

XFact is recruiting students to join the lab. We have openings for both MS and PhD students for Spring 2023 and Fall 2023 semesters to be based in Seoul, South Korea.

Subject Areas

We are recruiting students with an interest in natural language processing with real-world applications. James's primary interest is in fact verification, but he is also keen to recruit students with an interest in the following topics:

  • Combining information retrieval with natural language processing tasks (e.g. Open Domain QA, Neural Databases, Fact Verification)
  • Interpretable machine-learning methods, generating explanations, causal reasoning
  • Knowledge graph construction
  • Natural Language Processing for economics and financial applications

Application process

All students are required to submit an application to KAIST before their published deadlines. Students should contact the lab before applying to KAIST obtain the "intent for supervision" document (지도의향서) to work in this lab.

Candidates who wish to join XFact should complete this form, providing a CV as well as a short statement of research interests. Please submit the form in advance of making your application to KAIST (preferably 1 month before) and I will schedule a meeting. For PhD candidates (or integrated MS/PhD candidates) especially, early submission is preferred.