Principal Investigator

James Thorne

Assistant Professor

James Thorne is an assistant professor at the Kim Jaechul Graduate School of Artificial Intelligence at KAIST with a track record of developing and publishing new task formulations for natural language processing. During his PhD at Cambridge, he worked on developing methods for fact verification with knowledge intensive systems for natural language processing that use external information as a mechanism for grounding and explaining their predictions. James founded the XFACT (Explainable Factual Reasoning) lab with a mission to continue research on knowledge intensive tasks and build further trust and accountability in current-generation AI systems by ensuring that facts from models can be explained.

PhD Students

Huzama Ahmad


Wan Ju Kang


Na Min An


MS Students

Minsu Kim


Yejin Cho


Woojin Chung


Philhoon Oh


Noah Lee


Sangryul Kim


Jiwoo Hong


Cynthia Lim


Eunki Kim


Lab Alumni

Euiyul Song

MS Student
Samsung Electronics

Yejoon Lee

Seoul National University

Sania Waheed

MS Student
University of Southampton